Microsoft has to pay a customer $10000 for unwanted Windows 10 upgrade


According to The Seattle Times, Teri Goldstein, a businesswoman from California, sued Microsoft for installing Windows 10 on her computer without her permission. She said it caused her travel-agency business to slow to a crawl. "Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update". The court awarded $10,000 to Goldstein for her troubles. There are now 270 million users using the Windows 10 software. It's worth noting, however, that the auto-upgrade notification feature will reportedly be removed from Windows 10 next month, amusingly, through an update. When she tried reaching out to Microsoft for support, she received no assistance and thus, she made a decision to file a lawsuit against the company. A few days after Windows 10 launched, she said her computer downloaded the update without her consent. In one of its aggressive methods, Microsoft put the Windows 10 software as a recommended update for the Windows 7 software or later.

Microsoft has continuously denied all the allegations of forcing people to install Windows 10, but reports talk otherwise.

All of which means that a clever lawyer with enough incentive could make life very hard for Microsoft, which has come in for repeated criticism for its handling of the Windows 10 upgrade process.

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The BBC adds that in February, Microsoft bundled Windows 10 into a security upgrade that users had to opt out of manually. Users with legit copies of previous Windows operating systems are still viable for the free upgrade offer until the end of July. X to upgrade but I've read of many others having issues with the new OS, application compatibility, and hardware compatibility, for example.

A Microsoft Australia spokesperson said: "We're continuing to listen to customer feedback and evolve the upgrade experience based on their feedback".