Goldberg vs. Lesnar confirmed for WWE Survivor Series

Brock Lesnar during a fight with the Undertaker in WWEWikimedia Commons  Megan Elice Meadows

Goldberg made his first appearance in WWE in 12 years last week, accepting Heyman's challenge to a WrestleMania XX rematch with Lesnar.

Monday's WWE RAW, featuring Brock Lesnar's return to answer Bill Goldberg and the final RAW before Hell In a Cell, drew 2.819 million viewers.

Paul Heyman in his mean words said, "Those chants are really starting to piss Brock Lesnar off". Heyman tried to point out the lone "Goldberg" chant among the thousands of people, which went on for a few painful minutes. They're anxious that Goldberg, who essentially ended Bret Hart's in-ring career by giving him a concussion back in 2000, will be booed against Lesnar at the event, because the Canadian fans won't forget about what the former WCW megastar did to the Canadian hero.

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Regardless of how the contest plays out, many have been waiting to see Lesnar vs. Goldberg for more than a decade. WWE announced this on Tuesday afternoon. He'll probably end up doing an in-ring segment with Paul Heyman, even though, as of this writing, Heyman isn't being advertised for the show. Join us next week, when they try to get Stephanie McMahon booed in Hartford!

Overall, WWE were able to put some shine on the WWE Universal Title showdown for Sunday by having Owens hit a Powerbomb on Rollins onto the ring apron. However, the assumption would be Survivor Series. It'll probably close the show as well.