Lawmakers spar over immigration resolution


"We don't deport it", he said.Both bills are likely to succeed, given Democratic control of California's state legislature and governor's office, Chishti said.

"Immigrants are a part of California's history, our culture, and our society", said Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat from Los Angeles, responding to Trump's calls to deport undocumented immigrants and build a wall along the USA border with Mexico.

Sen. Ben Hueso, (D-San Diego), introduced a bill to create a state program that would fund legal representation for those facing deportation. "We need to fight". "Immigrants also represent a large percentage of small business owners and create [economic] prosperity and needed jobs for everyone".

The two immigration bills introduced Monday could cost the state between $10 million and $80 million, according to proponents.

Undocumented workers make up approximately one-tenth of California's workforce, contribute $130 billion in the state's gross domestic product and pay billions in state and local taxes, the resolutions state.

While California has taken many steps to quasi-legalize the undocumented and may do more, the rhetoric now coming out of the Capitol in effect denies their illegality and wrongly implies that they are victims of repression when the USA government enforces immigration laws.

"If the president-elect has identified two to three million criminal immigrants, we can only assume it's a pretense to open up criteria to deport mothers who are pulled over for a broken tail light", de Leon said.

California would seek to preserve reproductive rights for women, ensure people can find health care coverage, shield Muslims and LGBT people "or anyone whose rights and safety are increasingly under fire" and send a message that "if you are an immigrant you are welcome here", Rendon said.

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He added, "California has always been a place where you can be whoever you are - and become whoever you dream of being".

In short, California is flipping Trump the bird.

Democratic state lawmakers passed a resolution Monday urging President-elect Donald Trump not to pursue mass deportations and to uphold a program for young immigrants in the country illegally over protests from Republican lawmakers.

"Throughout the presidential campaign and since, the president-elect has made many troubling statements that run counter to the principles that define California today", Kevin de Leon said in a statement.

Thus, the bills will test the Democrats new super-majority in the Legislature.

Other ideas include protecting immigrants' information in state databases and further limiting law enforcement collaboration with deportation agents.

California Gov. Jerry Brown introduces U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra, his pick to replace state Attorney General Kamala Harris when she heads to the U.S. Senate in January. "We're not going to allow personal data on individual Californians' religious beliefs to be used to compile an unconstitutional database".

Carmen Iguina, staff attorney with the ACLU of Southern California, said California must stand by its "its most cherished values of fairness and due process" and the many immigrants that call California their home.