Cab driver raves about John Elway while he sits in back seat

Cab driver ranks John Elway best QB ever then finds out Elway’s in the backseat		Posted by	Jesse Kramer

If we reversed the roles in "Undercover Lyft", John Elway's experience with a cab driver, Sam, in Pittsburgh the other day would come close to ideal. He then goes on to talk about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Snow answered Elway, even though he apparently didn't realize that the Broncos legend - wearing sunglasses - was sitting in his backseat.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.

"Seriously, I've got to take some pictures", Snow said. While he was there, he hopped in a cab with his wife, Paige Green, friend Glenn Stearns and cab driver Sam Snow.

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Snow, of course, had no idea and had a prolonged discussion about the current Broncos general manager before he finally realized he was talking to the man himself. He names John Elway as the greatest while unaware the legendary quarterback is in the back seat. Snow asks repeatedly, shaking Elway's hand.

"C'mon man are you serious?"

Good thing he ranked Elway at No. 1 because that could have gotten pretty awkward.