Madeleine Albright, and Mayim Bialik Stand Up to Muslim Ban

Madeleine Albright ready to “register as Muslim” in response to Trump executive orders

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright - citing her varied religious background - said in a Wednesday tweet she's ready to register as a Muslim.

Albright's tweet comes days after feminist Gloria Steinem said she would register as a Muslim if needed under Trump's immigration plans, according to The Hill.

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During his campaign, Mr. Trump promised to enforce "extreme vetting" and suspend immigration from certain Muslim countries, so it would not be surprising if he were to issue an executive action on Muslims entering the US, aimed at bolstering national security.

Donald Trump, 70, has denied plans to "ban migration", but did say he is considering authorizing a restriction on U.S. entry for certain countries for up to four months, according to a draft executive order.

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At the Women's Global March last weekend, Albright declared: "If you force Muslims to register, we will all register as Muslims".

Albright served under President Bill Clinton. It would also temporarily halt visas for people from the Muslim-majority countries of Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

Indicative of how divided a country the U.S. now is, not everyone was on board with Albright's sentiment, but we appreciate her show of solidarity nonetheless.

Ms. Albrightadded that there "is no fine print on the Statue of Liberty", which includes the famous lines, "Give me your exhausted, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free".

"Look, the president has talked extensively about extreme vetting", White House spokesman Sean Spicer said, promising "more action this week". Trump's answer was indirect and focused mainly on building a wall along the Mexican border.