Oscar nominated actress Emmanuelle Riva has died aged 89

Emmanuelle Riva in 'Amour'

The French actress Emmanuelle Riva, an Academy Award nominee known for her starring roles in 2012's Amour and 1959's Hiroshima Mon Amour, died in Paris on Friday after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Riva died Friday afternoon, January 27, in a Paris clinic after a long illness, her agent, Anne Alvares Correa, told the Associated Press. Riva had been nominated for an Oscar in 2013 for her role as an aged music teacher in Amour, which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film that year. Her Oscar nomination for best actress made her the oldest person up for an award in that category.

French President Francois Hollande said via statement that the actress "deeply marked French cinema".

Riva had an acting and theater career that spanned over 60 years.

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Her career was effectively bookended by her first and last Cannes appearances for her lead roles in Hiroshima Monday amour in 1959, and Amour in 2012.

Her performances were always perceptive and piercing, with a fiery intelligence burning just under the surface, if not right on top of it, and with a distinctly French brand of beauty and class that often gave way to something darker, more disturbing and ambiguous.

Riva never married nor had any children, but instead led a very led a rather private life with her partner until their death in 1999. She was 89-years-old. She appeared in more than seventy feature films in the half century since she began acting, and had a rare, subtle talent as an actress, giving each of her characters unexpected depth and empathy-often without speaking a word of dialogue.

Riva was Oscar-nominated for her role in "Amour", Michael Haneke's brutal depiction of an aging couple.