Science goes rogue: U.S. government agencies tackle Trump on Twitter

Science goes rogue: U.S. government agencies tackle Trump on Twitter

In the last few days more than 50 Twitter accounts-some claiming to be from employees at USA government agencies-have been set up to protest the actions by President Trump's new administration effectively muzzling federal climate-change research and other science.

As part of a growing trend, NASA employees created today a network of unofficial accounts on the Twitter platform as a form of resistance to President Donald Trump. While the official NASA account appears to still be tweeting about climate change for now, hundreds of thousands of people are now putting pressure on Trump to keep his hands off of the agency's research.

The other alternative accounts also appear to have been created after the Badlands tweets were deleted, while some official United States national park accounts also tweeted about climate change on Wednesday. Despite the fact that these government agencies are funded by taxpayers, the new Trump administration is placing bans on certain social media postings. The impact of climate change is real. On their Twitter account, they note that they are the unofficial "resistance" team of the National Park Service and are not taxpayer subsidized. Other concerns have been raised over the fact that many of these "alt" or "resistance" accounts bear the official logo of the department they are identifying without proper authorization.

It posted: "Can't wait for President Trump to call us FAKE NEWS". A message on the account reads "You can take our official twitter, but you'll never take our free time!"

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MISCHIEVIOUS Nasa scientists have set up a rogue Twitter feed in protest at Donald Trump.

The rapid proliferation of these tweets responds to internal government guidelines that several agencies involved in environmental issues have received since Trump's inauguration, requiring them to curb their dissemination of information to the public. It beckoned readers to follow its feed "for science and climate news and facts. We must be Trump's worst nightmare".

Following Monday's requests that EPA employees no longer post social media updates and orders for USDA's main research branch to cease communication with the public, (that have now been rescinded,) National Park Service Twitter accounts were the first to take action.

Other "rebel" doppelgängers mirrored a number of federal science agencies: the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service, represented by (but not associated with) @altUSDA, @altUSEPA, @rogue_NOAA and @alternativeNWS, respectively.