Education secretary nominee seems to know little about education


Deb Fischer, where they called for the senator to reconsider her support for DeVos. The privately run, publicly funded schools have been a godsend to many children otherwise consigned to attend disorganized and dysfunctional schools where little real learning gets done.

DeVos' experience in education comes primarily from being a staunch advocate of school choice, pumping money to school choice programs which allow children and parents' greater flexibility over which schools they attend.

Of course, Fritz still hopes Toomey will vote no on DeVos; the Huffington Post notes the moderate senator had earlier this week been identified as the likeliest one to flip, though he has gone out of his way to quash that idea.

In education circles, a major part of that conversation is an ongoing policy debate on the role of vouchers and taxpayer funding for religious schools. However, we must not reduce teacher qualifications, curriculum standards, sanitary food services, transportation safety, or the individual rights of all students.

By the time Hansen introduced legislation in the Michigan State Senate, longtime adversaries had put aside their differences to embrace a package that few had thought possible when the process began.

She also showed she doesn't understand current federal laws to support and protect students with disabilities.

Committee Democrats on Tuesday had boycotted the vote, forcing Republicans to scrap a requirement that at least one Democrat be present for a vote.

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Supporting a view one believes in is commendable. "We needed to have some control over where schools were popping up". "She's no more clueless or ideologically very bad than some other appointees, but we have a cultural role for a man who's sort of a cowboy and comes in". They face different challenges and require different solutions. Bernie Sanders also asked DeVos directly about her contributions to the Republican Party and how they may have influenced Trump's decision to choose her. The turn of events infuriated proponents of the original bipartisan legislation and left Hansen on the verge of tears. Her words do not provide me with any relief over her appointment; indeed, they do not sculpt much of anything at all.

Hansen wasn't the only Republican leader whose efforts to pass the bipartisan bill were pushed aside by DeVos.

Members of the American Federation of Teachers demonstrated outside a Toomey fundraiser in downtown Philadelphia on Thursday night. But the two men, along with dozens of others in the coalition, had reached a hard-won consensus about how best to improve Detroit's embattled public schools. DeVos has steadfastly lobbied against any such accountability or oversight.

Sanders: "If your family didn't make hundreds of millions in contributions to the Republican Party, would you be sitting here today?"

Paul Muxlow was not one of the recipients of DeVos' largesse. Now extreme liberals like Elizabeth Warren are trying to stop Betsy DeVos from becoming secretary of education.

"I've voted for nearly everything the DeVoses wanted", Muxlow told Bridge, a MI publication. DeVos responded, "I may have confused it".

As a parent of two children in public schools in Kansas, I'm saddened to see that Sen.