How to spot your other half is 'Netflix cheating'!

Are you a Netflix Cheat? UAE numbers released for the first time

Perhaps your idea of Valentine's Day bliss is cuddling with your significant other watching the latest episode of a Netflix show you two have been feverishly binge watching - just don't be surprised if they already know how the next episode will end.

If you thought your significant other wasn't watching your favorite new show without you, think again. And 60% of cheaters say they'd do it more often if they felt they could get away with it!

Behind OITNB, the most popular cheater shows include The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and, of course, Stranger Things.

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Netflix also put together some profiles of different types of cheaters, based on the survey. Even more disturbing? 54 percent of the people who Netflix Cheat are MARRIED.

While most of the cheating isn't planned, Netflix recommends sleeping with one eye opened because 25% of the cheating happened when one partner falls asleep.

Though it's a wretched and hateful practice, which we all do, Netflix is leaning in to its reputation as a relationship pressure point, going so far as to release a PSA detailing just HOW to effectively Netflix Cheat on your partner. 81 percent of Netflix cheaters in the United Kingdom have cheated multiple times, and over half (52 percent) don't even feel bad about it. Wow. The new data reveals that more than 48 percent of streaming couples in the US are slipping up and watching ahead of their partners. It seems that clicking on to the next episode is just too hard to resist. Some users - 11 percent of those surveyed - said they even hid in another room to avoid being caught. Chileans think it's no big deal, Japan sees it as unforgivable and most Canadians (61%) say sleep cheating isn't cheating at all.