James Hetfield loses cool at the Grammys

PHOTO Lady Gaga got a huge Metallica back tattoo to commemorate their Grammy collaboration

From last year's show-stopping David Bowie tribute, the Super Bowl Halftime Show, singing with Tony Bennett, and her recent country-infused Joanne album, Gaga proved this Grammy night that she is a true rock star.

Gaga's personal life has also been making headlines this week, as a source confirmed to People that the singer is now dating CAA talent agent Christian Carino.

You can see the video below, in which James Hetfield's microphone fails him and he ends up sharing a mic with Gaga.

Both with huge fan bases, expectations for Lady Gaga and Metallica's 2017 Grammy performance were high, but fans didn't get what they hoped for. One wrote: "All I see is a attractive woman who is not afraid to wear anything".

"I can't do it again like previous year". Where she performed heavily choreographed moves last weekend, she writhed like a snake in studded leather hot trousers and a Metallic crop top (which, BTdubs, she looked awesome in, just in case there was any doubt). But the real crime was not that Gaga performed with Metallica, rather that a technical malfunction caused lead singer James Hatfield's microphone to short out and not work.

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Wearing a very risqué cut-out jacket that showcased her ample assets and toned stomach, Gaga certainly wanted to make a statement on the night. At all. Which meant after a couple aborted verses he had to scurry over to Lady Gaga's mic and share hers. And now Laverne Cox is apologizing for accidentally leaving Metallica's name out of the introduction.

When the number ended, he kicked that mic stand over too.

"Ladies and gentlemen and all my gender-non-binary peeps watching tonight", Cox said, "eight-time Grammy award winners and six-time Grammy award victor, Lady Gaga".

But then her excitement rather clouded matters.