Macron Stands as Best Option to Beat Right-winger Favorite in France

France's Far-Right Marine Le Pen: If Elected, Jews Must Renounce Israeli Citizenship

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's far-right National Front party, said she favored making it illegal to be a dual citizen of France and other countries outside Europe - including Israel and the United States.

Russia Today denied spreading false news and said the allegations were unfounded.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on February 14 that any such accusations against Russian authorities are "simply absurd".

The rest of the poll had similar findings to previous surveys - with Le Pen coming out with the biggest number of votes in the April 23 first round, but then losing to either Macron or Fillon in the second round on May 7. But he is still ahead of third-place Francois Fillon (Republican), and thus will make it through to the second-round runoff between the top two candidates, the poll suggests.

Those present at Tuesday's meeting however said the "vast majority" of the party's MPs had reiterated their support for the 62-year-old former premier.

The media reports about Macron emerged from Russian Federation as erstwhile poll favorite Francois Fillon, a conservative who speaks positively of Putin, was hit by a scandal which has badly affected his election chances.

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Macron's campaign manager Richard Ferrand had accused Russian Federation of committing "hundreds, if not thousands" of cyberattacks on his party's website since Macron announced his candidacy in November a year ago.

Macron last week denied he was cheating on his wife with the head of French radio.

"One day he is being financed by "a rich gay lobby", the next he is an "American agent of the banking lobby", Richard Ferrand wrote, referencing claims by a lawmaker from Fillon's party published by Sputnik.

In an election campaign which has sunk into smear and sleaze, Macron on February 7 was also forced to kill rumors of a gay relationship outside his marriage to Brigitte Trogneux.

Candidate's campaign had accused Russian Federation of launching "hundreds, if not thousands" of attacks since November.

During a visit to Algeria on Tuesday Macron said he welcomed Russia's assurances of neutrality.