Pic! Rosie O'Donnell Transforms into Steve Bannon

Pic! Rosie O'Donnell Transforms into Steve Bannon

So, President Donald Trump is supposedly upset that a woman played his White House press secretary on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend. Lately the big deal has been Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

O'Donnell's new profile photo appears to be a digitally altered picture of Bannon featuring her face replacing his. Many suggested longtime Trump nemesis Rosie O'Donnell potray maligned Trump advisor Steve Bannon, who rose to national prominence as the head of the racist, homophobic, Islamophobic website Breitbart.

She tweeted that she would take to SNL, and hinted that she could portray the President's chief strategist Steve Bannon.

The star tweeted her continuing criticism of Trump on New Year's Day. On Feb. 6, a report in Politico claimed that Trump was angry that his press secretary was played by a woman. She also said she would need "a few days to prepare" for the role. "I am here to serve", she tweeted. A representative for the comedian said O'Donnell is not going to play Bannon this weekend, ABC reported.

The idea being that Trump's main celebrity foil impersonating the man who most consider to be pulling Trump's strings in office would be enough to drive the President legitimately insane.

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'Trump doesn't like his people to look weak, ' added a top Trump donor. "Doing this is unusual, but what is even more odd is this is real".

O'Donnell, however, has stood her ground.

It's a different Rosie O'Donnell photo that is causing the Internet to stop in its collective tracks.

But, as her picture proves, O'Donnell-as-Bannon is quite convincing, and, honestly, SNL using her in a new skit would be just what the world needs right now - some escapism.