Scottish MPs Reject Brexit


Scotland's devolved parliament has overwhelmingly rejected Britain's march towards a European Union exit, in a non-binding vote that could potentially be used as groundwork for a second referendum for Scottish independence.

British Prime Minister Theresa May believes Scotland is weeks away from demanding a second independence referendum, local media reported.

Both parties agreed the terms of the first independence referendum through the Edinburgh Agreement.

Mr Corbyn imposed a three-line whip on his MPs to vote for Brexit in the Commons last week but 47, including Ian Murray, Labour's only Scottish MP, rebelled against him nevertheless.

"Now, the reality is the Scottish Government has put on the table a compromise position...we are willing and keen to negotiate on this...whatever happens now, it is because the UK Tories take it off the table".

Support for Scottish independence has risen following Theresa May's speech confirming that the United Kingdom will leave the single market, according to a new poll. The first minister said there was mounting anxiety that Andrea Leadsom, the environment and agriculture secretary, wanted to impose a UK-wide agriculture policy and seize control over about £500m in Scottish farm subsidies.

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Britain's highest court ruled last month that the launch of Brexit talks must be approved by the British parliament, but Prime Minister Theresa May has no legal obligation to consult the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Scottish government said the vote - backed by almost three quarters of Scottish lawmakers from across the political spectrum - is one of the most important in the parliament's 18-year history. "But as the latest opinion poll shows, people in Scotland are very clear that they don't want another referendum".

Ms Sturgeon re-asserted her commitment to Scotland's farmers, highlighting the distinct interests of farming in Scotland that make it crucial that any powers transferred from the European Union in the event of Brexit go to the Scottish Parliament rather than to Westminster. She said it is "vital" for farming powers to be transferred from the European Union direct to Holyrood.

Sources confirmed to i that discussions between Number 10 and Ruth Davidson's party had been taking place, amid growing speculation that the SNP leader may announce another referendum at her party's spring conference next month.

She said: "Brexit presents the biggest challenge to farming in Scotland in our generation".

Tuesday's symbolic motion, which was proposed by the Scottish government led by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, was backed by 90 votes to 34.