Seaforth set to be destination for human trafficking workshop

Seaforth set to be destination for human trafficking workshop

Out of the 151 cases of reported human trafficking, 111 were sex trafficking and 24 were labor trafficking. Polaris says labor trafficking reports soared by 47 percent within the 2016.

A national non-profit organization that aides victims of human trafficking says 30 cases in Hawaii were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline in 2016, a slight increase over the prior calendar year. In total, their hotline services handled a record 8,042 cases of human trafficking a year ago.

Some red flags include unexplained items of value or cash or tthe victim is suddenly involved with someone much older and controlling.

Crowe said more survivors are reaching out for help, and their stories help researchers figure out how people are being recruited for human trafficking.

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The report shows 375 cases of sex trafficking in OH were reported to the National Hotline in 2016, up from 289 cases reported in 2015.

Brnovich said that financial information allows his office to be on the cutting edge when it comes to not only human trafficking cases, but also drug- and terrorism-related cases.

In 2016, 2,042 survivors in the US reached out to the hotlines for help, a 24% increase from 2015.

"We know where money transfers are occurring all over the world", he said. "That applies to survivors and the people who are around them, whether it's a neighbor or professional".