Ivanka Trump Gets West Wing Office, Access to Classified Info

Image Donald Trump Delivers Address To Joint Session Of Congress

Ivanka Trump will have her own office on the second floor of the West Wing, Politico reported on Monday.

The first daughter won't have an official title, won't be sworn in and will not be paid, but will serve as the President's "eyes and ears", her attorney said.

White House officials said that even though she is not a federal employee, Ivanka Trump will voluntarily follow federal ethics rules. Roberts cited President James Monroe's daughter Eliza Monroe Hay as a first daughter who had a public role in her father's administration, which occurred largely as a result of her mother's frail health.

The company also accuses the brand of profiting off of its association to the White House, as well as the unlawful marketing practices of government officials, including the counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, and even President Trump himself.

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Despite securing her own office on the second floor of the West Wing, the hub of USA executive power, the "first daughter" will not have an official title or draw salary.

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Although Ivanka Trump is not a government employee, she will kind of act like one. The younger Trump has distanced herself from her businesses and brand but hasn't relinquished all ties.

Ivanka Trump has been a visible presence at the White House.

Ivanka Trump stepped down from day-to-day proceedings in her fashion brand, but still holds veto power.

Gorelick did concede that Ivanka's elevation to the new role raises some ethical questions concerning her business interests.

"It's not a huge deal if she stays out of things that affect her financial interests", he said.

A small San Francisco clothing retailer has lodged a class action suit against Ivanka Trump's brand, charging that it has an unfair business edge because President Trump, his daughter and his aides have leveraged the presidency to promote its products. She also acknowledged that the arrangement did not eliminate conflicts, but she said Trump is trying to minimize them and will recuse herself from any administration decision-making that affects her business. Not only did Donald Trump joke during their joint press conference that they had both been wiretapped by former President Obama, but he later appeared to refuse to shake her hand for a photo.