Amazon's Alexa Just Took Another Step Toward World Domination

You can now deploy Amazon's Alexa in sync with your G-suite calender

For example, customers can instruct Alexa to "ask Mercedes to send and address to the auto", and they will receive navigation information and point-of-interest requests.

If you're an Amazon Echo user, the device's new feature could be a big step in helping you plan your days and weeks.

They're in our phones, speakers, washing machines, and now, cars.

The voice-controlled home assistant Google Home now features voice recognition to distinguish between several user accounts. European service will follow later this year.

Amazon is also pursuing other avenues to make its voice service ubiquitous.

Because users can connect different Google accounts on the same Home, they can get a more personalised service.

United States to impose 20 pct duties on Canadian softwood lumber-Ross
News of the tariffs sent the USA dollar sharply up against the Canadian dollar in Asian trading to hit an nearly four-month high. Home improvement retails Home Depot Inc. and Lowe's Cos. likely won't be hardest hit by any potential tariff on Canadian lumber.

Tesla Is Doubling Its Charging Network
Not willing to wait for Governments to build it for them, Tesla went it alone and began installing Superchargers across the globe. The company says it will build larger sites along busy travel routes to accommodate several dozen Teslas simultaneously.

Tiger Woods to design new golf course in southwest Missouri
The two announced the new construction of a Par 3 course to be named "Payne's Valley" after Springfield native Payne Stewart. The Bass Pro founder knows the Tiger Woods brand will give this course worldwide attention.

Using your Echo and Google Home in conjunction with your Mercedes will involve more verbal gymnastics than if you were just using the smart home devices on their own. The company announced the new product on Wednesday May 18, 2016 at its annual I/O developer conference.

A number of recent updates to Alexa, the software inside of Amazon Echo, have been aimed at improving how Echo acts with other smart home devices.

However, Ford kicked it up a notch adding that the service will also enable customers to control connected devices in their homes while driving. Through the Alexa Voice Service Program, Amazon is offering a hardware reference package that bundles the technology for use by partners and not charging for the privilege.

But things took a little lean towards the paranoid recently, when Burger King rolled out its innovative new ad. But starting today, Google Home will allow for multiple Google accounts.

OK Google... sell me a Whopper. Echo is just a device with smartphones and a speaker. Would you prefer to have an Arabic-speaking Amazon Amal instead of an Alexa? The skill is called ULTRA 95 and combines workout routines with ads for the Michelob Ultra beer.