Fitbit helps snare U.S. husband in connection with wife's murder

Police examined Mrs Dabate's Fit Bit which seemed to contradict Dabate's version of events

"As the types and sophistication of electronic media from which digital evidence can be gleaned increase, this type of evidence will become an essential part of investigating and prosecuting most crimes", said a 2015 report from the National Institute Justice. It was only at 10:20 that Dabate himself made a 911 call to the police about his wife's death.

Dabate claimed he was tied to the chair after the man had murdered his wife, but scared the intruder off by kicking a blowtorch at his head. At 9:04 a.m. Dabate sent his supervisor at work an email saying an alarm at the house had gone off and that he'd have to return to check on it, warrant said.

The man also claimed that he was tortured inside the upstairs bedroom by the home invader, whom he described as being at least 6-foot-2 and wearing a black mask and gloves.

Rick Dabate's Facebook tribute to his wife two weeks after her murder raised eyebrows. Dabate continued to claim that the perpetrator tied him up after a struggle, involving a knife. The attacker also placed a plastic ntie around his neck, making it hard to breathe.

When the attacker tried to burn Dabate with a torch from Dabate's own toolbox, the husband said he fought back with the free hand. He told authorities he'd driven home in the morning after receiving a notification on his phone, telling him that a panic alarm had been set-off. The call was made at 10:20 AM.

One day after Connie was murdered, Dabate cashed out her life insurance policy.

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During his interview with detectives, Dabate admitted to having an extramarital affair that ended in a pregnancy, although he was vague with police as to whether his wife knew about the affair or unplanned pregnancy outside of their marriage, the warrant stated.

Furthermore, medical records indicated that the wounds Dabate suffered weren't incapacipating as Dabate claimed, and could have easily been made by himself.

Investigators uncovered text messages between the couple, as well as the suspect and his reported pregnant mistress - thought to be a main motive behind the suspected domestic homicide.

Dabate's story, however, would not hold up with investigators. The girlfriend was pregnant.

The warrant also said that within a month of the death, he withdrew more than $93,000 from an account in his wife's name.