GoPro Working On 360-Degree Camera

The Fusion is considerably smaller than GoPro's other spherical video solutions.                  GoPro

GoPro announced a pilot program for its newest action cam, the Fusion.

The company has kept a lot of the camera's specifications quiet and we'll only have clearer idea of its innards once it rolls out commercially. In the meantime, GoPro is launching a pilot program that will kick off later this summer.

It is a 360-degree video with JT Holmes, Jeb Corliss, and scenes where you can click, drag, and shift reality on the screen thanks to GoPro's spherical view. The device is being touted as a 5.2K spherical camera, which as the name implies, can capture images and videos up to 5.2K in resolution.

The GoPro Fusion comes with an OverCapture feature that lets you capture non-VR photos and videos from the 2.5K spherical video in HD-quality. This is handy if the user is not fully in shot on a stunt that they have performed.

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GoPro said the Fusion is very advanced, though, and provides the same sort of content you'd get if you molded six traditional GoPro cameras into a single unit, CEO Nicholas Woodman explained in a press release. If their latest effort is any indicator, the new Fusion GoPro camera could well be the best VR camera out there, if the company can play its cards right.

What that means is that the cam can be just as easy to mount as any other in the GoPro range, besides having the ability to go just about anywhere. In fact, GoPro is now accepting applications from professional content creators, brands and agencies who want to test it out.

GoPro didn't give details of a full launch or the price.

While details of the Fusion is yet to be revealed, including its launch plans, company sources though mentioned a debut around end-2017 is expected.