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Is the sky blue? Depends on what Donald Trump says

Republicans Come Back With Even Worse Health Care Plan That Will Punish People For Getting Sick

Independents were split: 54 percent disapproved of his style while 39 percent approved; 44 percent disapproved of his policies and 33 percent approved. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll released Thursday highlights "the Trump effect" - how the president's comments are polarizing an already divided nation.

A majority of voters in Washington state didn't go for Donald Trump in the presidential election, and a new poll says many aren't thrilled with his first months in office either.

Gallup notes that Republicans are mostly behind the increased belief in media bias since 2003 explaining, "77% of Republicans say the media favors one party over the other; in 2003, 59% of Republicans said the same".

Another 18 percent of Democrats said they are "moderately proud" to be Americans, 9 percent are "only a little proud" and 5 percent are "not at all proud".

More than Democrats, Republicans have been contending - for more than a decade - that partisan media bias exists.

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The trend of Americans witnessing media bias toward the Democrats has been seen for decades, as Gallup revealed in 2003 and 1995.

For a certain kind of Republican, President Donald Trump can simply do no wrong, while for some Democrats, the man can do absolutely nothing right.

Gallup asked respondents, who said that the media favors a party, which party it favors: 64 percent said the media favors Democrats, and 22 percent said it favors Republicans.

Gallup concluded that the decline in patriotism from Democrats is likely connected to the election of President Trump, who has less than a 10 percent approval rating among Democrats, according to the poll.

Even more, a majority of Americans (55%) say that the major news organizations stories and reports are "often inaccurate", compared to 36 percent who say the opposite. "But at several other points before 2000, Americans were either more likely to say the media got the facts straight or closely divided in their opinions on the matter". Almost half of Democrats agree that the media favors their own party, which means most Americans think reporters have a liberal predilection. For results based on the total sample of national adults, the margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.