Labour leader says UK election 'establishment vs people'

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The Labour leader cast the June 8 poll as a battle of "the establishment versus the people" as he promised to overturn a "rigged system" that allowed the rich and powerful to extract wealth from the nation.

In a preview of her election strategy, Mrs May said: "I will be taking out to the country in this campaign a proud record of a Conservative government".

"Another main priority is to reduce congestion and the way to do that is to make public transport work for people".

However, the idea of a progressive alliance has become an attack line for the Conservatives, who made major gains in the 2015 general election with the claim that Ed Miliband was seeking a deal with the SNP.

"After almost 50 years as a Labour man I do so with a heavy heart but at least with some radical hope for my grandchildren". And a Labour Government elected on June 8 won't play by their rules'. This is despite broadcasters saying they will have the debate without the Prime Minister.

But he will insist: "Things can and they will change".

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Britain needs a Labour government that is prepared to fight for people in every part of the country, our towns, villages, as well as big cities. Creating a more equal society and closing the gender pay gap through a "progressive" tax system. "They are yesterday's rules set by failed corporate elites that we should be consigning to the past".

Corbyn pointed out that "Over the last seven years the Tories have broken every promise on living standards, the deficit, debt, the National Health Service and schools funding".

It is wealth that should belong to the majority and not a tiny minority. It's up to him what he makes of that opportunity, but if he can claw back enough support to at least keep the Tory majority below what was achieved at the 1987 or 1959 elections, the legend that Labour always does worst when its leadership is in left-wing hands will be somewhat undermined. A number of Labour MPs have announced plans to step down, including Alan Johnson, a former Home Secretary, and Tom Blenkinsop, the MP for the northeast constituency of Middlesborough South, who cited "significant and irreconcilable differences with the Labour leadership".

The Conservative lead is enough to win a majority that could be over 100 seats, but Prime Minister May said on Friday she was not complacent.

A female prime minister calls an election when the Opposition is divided, squabbling over policies and led by an unpopular socialist who's prompted some lawmakers to jump ship.

Lawler was unimpressed with the news swirling around the Mediterranean country as well, telling clients: "The deal is a thinly veiled can-kicking exercise by Europe to delay the "Greece problem" until after German elections later this year". But is that what we want? But a democrat must accept that elections do not have predetermined outcomes, and should be able to provide clarity on what her intentions would be if she falls short of her own arbitrary notion of an adequate victory. Amber Rudd, the home secretary, hinted in a BBC interview that the prime minister wanted leeway in case she makes more concessions to the European Union than eurosceptic backbenchers had hoped and they rebel against the final deal (if one is reached).