Snapchat CEO said India "too poor" to consider expansion

Snapchat Only For Rich, Says CEO Evan Spiegel

The Snapchat CEO had allegedly dismissed India and Spain as "poor countries" during a meeting back in 2015.

Anthony Pompliano, who was sacked after working for the social media company for 3 weeks in 2015, is suing Snap Inc in a Californian court for trying to "destroy his career and reputation".

As per the latest reports by Variety quoting Snap's attorneys, Pompliano, the ex-employee knows exactly nothing about Snap's current metrics and he and his lawyers are just making things up.

Snapchat denies Spiegel said it. "Obviously, Snapchat is for everyone!" a Snap spokesperson said on Sunday in a press briefing.

Even though Spiegel has already stated that he has not made any such statement and that the app was taking heat for all the wrong reasons, Indians have already started campaigns such as #BoycottSnapchat and #UninstallSnapchat on social media. In contrast to this, the rating of the app notes 4 stars on Google Play store based up on 11,932,996 ratings.

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Interestingly, the whole news became more interesting with anti-Indian Kashmiri people giving Snapchat 5 stars.

Snapchat had close to 4 million users in India past year.

Snapchat, however, has not confirmed any such hack or leak.

While Snapchat is a trending social media platform among Indians, Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat feels India is "too poor" to consider expansion of its user base. According to a report, the hack was done a year ago.

Ultimately, although it's now unclear whether Spiegal made those comments, what is clear is that Snapchat's customer ratings are continuing to take a hit. He also claims, Snap lured him away from Facebook fraudulently, by lying about critical user data. The former employee mentioned the exchange from a September 2015 meeting he had with Spiegel about the app's worldwide growth plans. "Snap will demonstrate as much at the appropriate time in the appropriate forum", the company said in the unsealed complaint. Rather, the censored statement came from Anthony Pompliano, a former Snapchat employee.