Uber says never used Waymo files on self-driving

Stolen Waymo File Found In The Personal Device Of An Uber Employee

Needless to say, things are getting a bit interesting between Waymo and Uber, especially since Waymo's parent company Alphabet is an investor in Uber through their Google Venture company. This of course goes against Waymo's accusations that former engineer Anthony Levandowski lifted a bunch of files and left for Uber, where he allegedly reused the technology to help Uber get its autonomous auto program off to the races.

Carson: How soon will self-driving cars realistically be a significant portion of Uber's fleet? In March, The Information revealed that removing the driver from the equation would "only increase Uber's projected long-term net profit margin by as much as 5 percentage points", according to the report.

In February, Google subsidiary Waymo filed a lawsuit against Uber, claiming that the ridesharing company had stolen Waymo's intellectual property for its work on self-driving cars.

An Italian court on Friday banned the use of Uber's smartphone apps, saying they contribute to traditional taxis facing unfair competition, local media reported. In court on Wednesday, Uber lawyer Arturo Gonzalez said the company had been working hard to find evidence that Waymo's documents were in Uber's possession, but could not find anything material. The problem about this is, at that time, Levandowski was still under the employment contract of Waymo.

Levandowski has invoked the 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination, according to his lawyer, who said Levandowski could face criminal charges.

Alsup has also suggested that Uber had leverage over Levandowski it had not used, such as threatening to fire him should he not hand over the documents. If the company manages to convince the judge of all this when the case hits the court in October, it would in all likelihood, be able to continue its program unhindered.

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Saying Waymo "could not be more wrong" in accusing Uber of copying its technology, Uber on Friday attempted to show a court how different its self-driving auto sensors are from its rival's. Levandowski has not handed over the allegedly stolen documents and Uber, which has never denied that Levandowski took the files, claims it can not force him to do so.

Six weeks after being sued by Alphabet (GOOG -0.3%, GOOGL -0.3%) self-driving auto unit Waymo, Uber (Private:UBER) is going public with its defense, calling Waymo's action a "misfire". "Until Uber starts mounting its defense, it will be hard to predict which of these outcomes seem most likely or how Uber's alleged evidence and potential factual claims may impair Alphabet/Waymo's efforts to reach its goals". "It is these same attorneys who simultaneously represent to this Court that they have not and can not review Mr. Levandowski's files".

Boehmke worked alongside engineers who came from Tyto Lidar LLC, a company that joined Uber with Levandowski.

"It could well change", Ehrlich said. Right? I have to make sure that I'm ready when it's ready or that I'm making it ready. Waymo's lawsuit accuses Levandowski of downloading more than 14,000 confidential and proprietary files shortly before his resignation. In fact, Waymo is now in the middle of arbitration with Levandowski - which began in October - whom they accused of using confidential information to poach employees for competing companies.

Biz Carson: You called the development of autonomous vehicles existential to the company, and you've also called buying Otto another existential move.

Finally, Uber concludes, should Judge William Alsup grant the Waymo request for an injunction, he would be depriving society as a whole of the awesome privilege of seeing Uber cars get t-boned in the desert.