United Airlines Changes Policy After Doctor Dragged Off Flight


The Airline Passenger Protection Act, sponsored by Republican state Representative Peter Breen, came after Dr. David Dao, 69, was pulled from a United flight at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to make space for four crew members.

United has continued to face fallout since videos of Dao screaming as he was dragged off Flight 3411 went viral on social media.

The airline said the change to its employee booking policy was an initial step as it reviewed policies to "deliver the best customer experience".

Dr Dao's lawyer said the incident had exposed a culture in which airlines "bullied" passengers. Munoz issued a more humbled apology the same day.

The situation could have been avoided if the airline, which offered $800 travel vouchers and a hotel stay for passengers to rebook on another flight, had simply upped their offer, Demetrio said.

The change in policy comes following backlash toward United after the airline forcibly removed a paying passenger from his seat to accommodate a crewmember. The airline wants to ensure that an incident like Dao's doesn't happen again. After a man was dragged off a United flight, the company changed its policy on overbooked flights.

The aggressive removal of Dao left him with a concussion and a broken nose last Sunday.

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United Airlines has weathered a PR nightmare recently.

"Frequently, the people who benefit the most from overbooking are the last few people to buy, The ones who are not able to make plans in advance", Bhaskara said.

When a United Airlines flight attendant approached them to ask if they were in their ticketed seats, they explained that they weren't and asked for an upgrade but were turned down.

The rough treatment of Dao sparked global outrage, as well as multiple apologies from the carrier, and raised questions about the overbooking policies of airlines.

They could not convince him to do so and it prompted them to call the aviation security officers.

The couple from Salt Lake City, Utah, say they boarded the plane to find another passenger asleep in their seats.

While the United case may not have been triggered by a normal case of overbooking, it is pushing airlines to evaluate their current systems, Harteveldt said.