Android Auto gets little update, hints new experimental Home Cards

Google promises Android O beta ‘soon,' just few days ahead of I  O developer conference

Apart from ransomwares, the said security bug can also be exploited by banking malware and adware.

The fact that this toggle can not be accessed through regular usage of the Android Auto app did not deter us, however, as we figured out a way to access the hidden Engineer Settings of the app in order to enable these toggles! Android O beta will kick off soon, giving users the option of signing up to that.

The round icon (as seen in Google's Pixel launcher) doesn't appear to have changed.

Users should only download apps from trusted brands, Check Point said.

There are exceptions now when it comes to the System Alert Window and permissions, mostly because of the pop-up windows needed for some apps, like Facebook Messenger. In short, Google meant that any app downloaded from the Play Store can use the screen overlay feature without asking for authorization from the user.

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Check Point found out that the unresolved security issue has already helped crooks attack Android users.

Changing app icons is certainly nothing new for Google and Android, so the new change coming to the Play Store app icon shouldn't come as a surprise. Unlike the other permissions, to grant it, the user must go through several menus (Settings - Apps - Draw over other apps) and manually allow an app to use it.

Alarmingly, Google says it does not plan to fix the issue until later this year, when it rolls out the next version of its mobile operating system, dubbed "Android O". So all someone has to do is say that the System Alert Window functionality is needed for their app and there you go, even though Google originally said this was risky.

Earlier, the app used to show contacts from all your synced Google accounts at one place.

The flaw: Since Google understood the problematic nature of this permission, and the apparent risks for user privacy it created the distinct process mentioned above to approve it. That would be way too much of a hassle though, so some sort of automated method, just maybe a little better than what Google has now, will likely be the solution.