Apples CEO Pledges $1 Billion Towards Creation of US Manufacturing Jobs

Apple Pay

Apple's decision to provide detailed information about the locations of its USA employees could help the company win support from lawmakers eager to protect jobs in their states, technology industry analyst Rob Enderle said.

Apple's announcement had little to do with hiring; the company had merely stated it hoped to promote United States manufacturing with its new fund.

Aside from allaying fears of the 'robot takeover' of manufacturing jobs, as automation and artificial intelligence increases substantially by the year, companies such as Apple are facing the reality of life under USA president Donald Trump. Whilst overall manufacturing employment in the United States has dropped over the past few decades, advanced manufacturing has created around one million jobs.

The fund comes as President Trump makes bringing manufacturing jobs to the US a central part of his "America First" agenda.

Asked by Cramer about working with the president, Cook said there are always issues to agree on and disagree on with any administration in any country.

Manufacturing sector generally employs about 9% of the workers in the U.S. The joblessness rate in both computer and electronic manufacturing jobs in the country has reduced drastically with about 2.2 % by end of past year. "Of Apple's $256.8 billion cash pile, 93% is held overseas", points out Trevor Mogg for Digital Trends.

According to MacRumors, the Apple CEO affirmed the fact that Apple was doing its job to create more jobs (no pun intended).

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"You know, the watch has been an incredible move into health", Cook told Cramer.

In introducing the fund, Apple joined a growing list of companies that have said in recent months that they will add, promote or keep jobs - many of them related to manufacturing - in the United States.

If you are wondering about where the others are, Cook is also counting US suppliers that make components like 3M adhesives and Corning glass, which are used in iPads and iPhones. Apple particularly has been given the invitation and its head honchos have made a decision to add to the ever-flowing tributary that is big business.

Unsurprisingly, the numbers show its highest concentration of workers (36,786) is located in California, home to the company's Silicon Valley headquarters and 53 stores.

"Mr. Cook did not address whether the fund was influenced by Mr. Trump's policies and statements on manufacturing", Katie Benner and Nelson D. Schwartz report for the New York Times.

Cook said that he's hopeful the Trump administration can succeed with that push.