Google Project Treble for faster and better Android Updates

Google expedites Android updates with Project Treble

As Google describes, Sony and Qualcomm have already contributed "dozens of features and hundreds of bug fixes to Android O", so they won't have to redo their work with each new Android release.

Google has unveiled a new system that aims to streamline vendor Android updates. The problem with slow updates is usually because the burden for issuing the update usually falls on the OEM and this takes some time.

This can be said as the biggest change that Android have met in the low level system architecture. This will further simplify the processes required to launch a new version of Android from an OTA update.

The direct outcome is the acceleration of the updates in Android O. Yes, the search engine will implement Treble from the next major update of its platform, which will be imminently presented in the first beta, next week, on Google I /OR. It will allow Mobile manufacturers to provide Android updates faster to their devices as like of the Google Nexus and Pixel devices. But it certainly sounds like one of the most concrete things Google has done to address the problem of Android fragmentation. This interface gets validation by the VTS, the Vendor Test Suite, in order to make sure of forward compatibility with the vendor implementations. These companies modify the new release of software according to their specific hardware.

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Earlier, most of the Android code would need to be in alignment with the latest version of the OS.

Like the CTS, or Compatibility Test Suite, the VTS will ensure that all the chips inside the phone, from the SoC to the baseband to the tiny little sensors that let our phones do awesome things, work properly when Google releases a new version of Android. The Pixel devices operating on the current O Developer Preview is also running the Project Treble architecture.

A simple explanation for Project Treble is that Google has split the work it does on Android and the work that its hardware partners do. They either take forever to do so, are constantly versions behind, or give-up on updates altogether as devices age and they struggle to justify the cost and time involved in getting them ready.