Google to launch Android 'O' Beta soon


A year ago during the same time, Marshmallow only had a share of 5.6 percent of the total devices running Android. It is 2017 and Google have already released the developer preview of the Android O a month back. Hence, in many cases it can take a long time before any updates are provided. If a given device is running an older version of Android, it won't necessarily be protected from emerging threats that are addressed in later versions. However, down the table, the story's different when it comes to older versions of Android. G DATA security researchers found over 750,000 new Android malware apps in Q1 2017, which translates to about 8,400 new malware instances every day, the report said. In 2016, the company spotted about 3.2 million Android malware instances.

According to Gartner, Android powered over 352 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2016, accounting for almost 82 percent of the market share.

When Google pushed out the stable builds of Android 7.1.2 Nougat to all its supported devices, that signaled the close of the Android Nougat beta program. Try an antivirus application, or you can reboot your phone into safe mode and try to remove the malware that way.

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Be Wary Of Third Party Apps - Third Party apps, which haven't been vetted by the Google Play app store are another way Android users can frequently put themselves at risk for infection. The other reasoning is that the email states Google Play wants to start placing a greater focus on apps as a singular. However, you can further protect yourself from only downloading apps from trusted developers or from organisations that are well known and which you are familiar with.

While Android is often criticised for being slow to protect users from vulnerabilities, Google has gotten serious over the years to make its mobile OS secure. He is also fanatical about football which makes it all the more unusual that he should support Stockport County.