Kushner's kin woo investors in China, offer green card in return

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Nicole Kushner Meyer was in Beijing and Shanghai over the weekend, seeking more than US$150 million in investment in a luxury apartment complex project in New Jersey.

Relatives of Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, are working feverishly to solicit overseas money for projects in the United States, and they are touting their ties to Kushner as they court investors.

She advised them to make use of a visa programme known as EB-5, which offers foreigners a path to U.S. citizenship in exchange for investments of at least $500,000 in USA projects.

Meyer attended a similar event in Beijing on Saturday and told the audience of about 100 people the project "means a lot to me and my entire family". According to the Washington Post, Meyer's relationship with Kushner was included in promotional materials for the presentation. If you're a Chinese billionaire eager to purchase American citizenship for your family, you couldn't care less whether your "investment" goes to a legit building project or not so long as the visa is granted. Instead of being able to buy a green card for as little as $500,000, rich foreigners might have to chip in $1.3 million or more.

Reporters alerted to the Bejing event, billed by host Chinese company Qiaowa in their brochures as "Invest $500,000 and immigrate to the United States", were quickly ushered out as the event started and Kushner's sister began her sales pitch. In the past, immigrants have lost their money and their chances of USA citizenship after programs have been misrepresented by promoters from both inside and outside of the country.

On Saturday, potential investors in the Kushner project were told they should act quickly because possible policy changes to the EB-5 programme might raise the required minimum investment. Over 80 percent of EB-5 visas are believed to have been issued to Chinese investors.

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It was not immediately known whether any of the wealthy people who listened to the Kushner company pitch in Beijing made a decision to invest. A spokesman for the Kushner company also declined to comment. The form described the asset as undeveloped real estate in Jersey City.

"We heard that there are rumors that he is the most likely to be impeached president in American history".

Roberts said in a statement that Kushner has divested his interests in the One Journal Square project by selling them to a family trust of which he, his wife and his children are not beneficiaries, a mechanism suggested by the Office of Government Ethics.

Numerous people who attended the event declined to be interviewed, citing privacy concerns, or they were blocked by organizers from speaking to the news media. They were told it was a "private event", even though it had been publicly advertised.

In the promotion event in Beijing on Saturday, Nicole referred to her brother's position in the White House, saying he moved to Washington to join the U.S. administration.

"O$3 rganizers grabbed a reporter's phone and backpack to try to force that person to leave", WaPo claimed in its report.