Loosen Up: NFL to allow some flair in celebrations

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After years of attempting to turn their charismatic players into robotic drones, the league has made a decision to soften its stance on one of the more entertaining non-football aspects of the game. Some stuff, however, is still illegal.

The post comes after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly opted to relax some of the league's celebration penalties, per USA Today's Tom Pelissero.

Roger Goodell and the National Football League are set to loosen their death grip on touchdown celebrations, according to USA Today's Tom Pelissero. Now it appears that Roger Goodell has backpedaled on his stringent stance on players expressing themselves. Having the players on the field for 90 minutes of regulation is physically demanding enough.

Research suggests the number of games that will go into overtime and end up tied will climb slightly.

The two moves are expected to result in more tie games and much more elaborate end zone dance parties.

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The shorter overtime period will be used in the preseason and regular season. The fact the league is keeping overtime periods in the postseason at 15 minutes doesn't really matter, considering the postseason calls for games to reach a 2nd overtime and beyond until one team wins and one team loses. This has its advantages, though it will make the job more hard for general managers, head coaches and pro personnel departments, as well as fans trying to predict their team's roster. More practice time is also good for their development. It's the rule the Ravens used to permit Ray Lewis to rejoin the 53-man roster after tearing his triceps in mid-October that year en route to Super XLVII glory.

For the first 47 years of the National Football League, once a player was placed on IR (injured reserve), he was not allowed to return to the active roster until the following season. The player must be on IR for at least six weeks and they can return to games after sitting out eight weeks.

Eliminating this step in roster reduction is likely to make the final week of exhibition games more of a contest for players on the line of being cut and create a scramble for teams finalizing Week 1 rosters.

They also still aren't cool with players pulling sharpies out of their socks and autographing the ball for a fan.