Manchester Responds To Concert Attack With Beautiful Acts Of Kindness


She then posted on Facebook saying she's got "loads of kids" with her at the hotel and asked people to share her post so parents could come and pick them up.

Robinson rounded up as numerous teenagers as she could and took them to a nearby hotel where she comforted them with warm drinks and "dished out cuddles", as she told Rolling Stone.

Karan Khanna, vice president Operations of the International Hotel Group, the parent company which owns the hotel chain, told IBTimes UK: "Our thoughts are with all the victims of this horrendous tragedy as well as their friends and family and the people of Manchester".

In a post shared widely on Facebook she wrote: "Anyone who is in any safe place or hospital in Manchester, if anyone comes across my parents please please let me know as they've been missing ever since the attack".

"Manchester, we're glue. We stick together when it counts", AJ Singh (pictured above), who offered free lifts to blast victims, tells Channel 4 News.

They provided free rides to those escaping the stampede, and drove the walking wounded to A&E departments. Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images Emergency services at the scene.

Many of those caught up in the chaos were young fans of U.S. singer Ariana Grande, who had performed at the venue.

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Hannah S‏ tweeted: "We have a spare room, we are in the city centre, if anyone can't get home".

Eight hospitals in the area were at capacity following the attack.

In fact, so many people responded that Give Blood NHS say they no longer needed donations for now.

The hotel added in a statement: "There is an emergency line available for those concerned about loved ones or anyone who may have been in the area last night - 0161 856 9400". In the face of unimaginable terror, it's heartening to see people unite with extraordinary shows of kindness and love.

One Twitter user said: "Get her a cuppa, a hug and a knighthood". "Manchester, I am so proud to call you home".

Sikh temples also offered food and accommodations.