Merkel: UK Will 'Pay A Price' If It Curbs Immigration

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron

France's new president, Emmanuel Macron, appointed a conservative prime minister earlier today (15 May) in a shrewd move created to broaden his political appeal ahead of legislative elections next month.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers a speech during the opening ceremony for the "National Integration Award" at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

Some French political reporters said the president's office called their outlets to designate the journalists who would be able to cover Macron's first trip outside Europe, scheduled in Mali on Friday.

The German leader also said that she and Macron have an interest in moving forward with the establishment of a common asylum system within the EU and on the Defence Union. "We will need to occupy ourselves with Brexit and with the way to improve the eurozone in order to give it a new momentum", she added. "They didn't stop, but they started today".

Macron, a 39-year-old centrist pro-Europe independent, had defeated far-right leader Marine Le Pen in France's presidential elections on May 7, and was officially inaugurated as France's 25th president on Sunday.

And while his election was welcomed on the other side of the Rhine, many sectors of the German government and media are leery of the concessions Macron is expected to demand.

Merkel, 62, has been chancellor since late 2005, when Jacques Chirac was French president.

Meanwhile, Philippe said hours after his appointment on May 15 that he chose to accept the job Macron offered him because France is in a "unique situation".

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Indeed, Macron, a former investment banker, will be counting on winning votes for his party from center-right supporters in that round of elections.

The German Chancellor met Mr Macron as the pair plan to rebuild the European Union and eurozone after Brexit. "There will be no arm-wrestling", she said.

The fervently pro-European Macron wants to push for deeper ties in the 28-member European Union to help the bloc overcome the imminent departure of Britain which voted to leave a year ago.

"We know that in the world in which we live in it's not the president who imposes foreign policy, but foreign policy that imposes itself on the president", said Francois Heisbourg, a Macron adviser and chairman of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Yet it remains to be seen if her approach would go down well in Germany, which is deeply averse to shouldering burdens of eurozone laggards. She said Germany would also be willing to change European Union treaties if the changes make sense.

"I have never defended [the idea of] Eurobonds or the mutualization of existing debt in the euro zone", Macron said.

She said the French and German governments would hold a meeting on key issues in July. He said that the eurozone needed "fresh money" - which he said the €315-billion so-called Juncker investment plan can not provide - through a "real budget capacity".