Texas man sues woman for texting in date

The date did not go well but is it worth threatening to sue

He is seeking US$17.31, the price of the ticket to the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 movie, he told the American-Statesman newspaper.

When Vezmar asked her to stop texting, she made a decision to leave.

According to the petition, Vezmar's date "activated her phone at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages" throughout the film.

She never returned leaving him at the cinema stranded with no way to get home.

However, the woman has refused to pay the money because he took her on the date. The couple's first date happened on May 6. During a screening of the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, he asked her to "take it outside" when her texting became a distraction.

He said his date started texting about 15 minutes into the movie‚ which was "one of his biggest pet peeves".

"I want you compensate me for the $17 movie ticket and the $4 pizza".

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But the unnamed woman has refused to reimburse Mr Vezmar, telling the Austin American-Statesman: "This is insane". "Will you do this or to [sic] I have to pursue the money in small claims court?".

The lawsuit he filed says her texting was a "direct violation" of the cinema hall's policy and that she affected the "viewing experience" of the patrons present.

Crystal Cruz said she only pulled out her phone to let her friend know she was safe.


After the duo both told their sides of the story to Inside Edition, they were finally brought together at the scene of the crime - the movie theater.

I did have a very brief date with Brandon, that I chose to end prematurely.

"I am fully aware of the weirdness of this situation", Vezmar told KVUE. "She deserves jail time!"