Critics say Trump tweets may undercut legal case

Former DOJ contender hits Trump over travel ban tweet

"His lawyers tried to justify it by saying it wasn't a travel ban, that it was just extreme vetting", Cardin told CNN.

Neal Katyal, an attorney for the state of Hawaii, which challenged the revised ban, said the president's comments only bolstered its case. But he would call the order "what we need and what it is - A TRAVEL BAN".

"In case it's not obvious, these will only undermine the government's case before #SCOTUS for both a stay & on the merits of the #TravelBan", University of Texas law professor Stephen Vladeck posted on Twitter.

After he issued a lawful (if ill-conceived) order regarding incoming travel from several unsafe Islamic countries, a lawless judiciary struck it down based not on the order but on Trump's campaign statements about Muslims. As such, it violated the Constitution's guarantee of freedom of religion, they said.

None of the lethal terrorists were refugees, nor were any of them from any of the six countries the Trump administration would like to suspend travel from, nor were their families from any of those countries, and only one was a relatively recent immigrant (from Pakistan, which is not on the travel ban list).

Trump's legal team asked the Supreme Court last week to reverse rulings by lower courts and allow the revised travel ban to go into effect immediately.

President Trump tweeted on Monday that he prefers to call the measure a "travel ban" as opposed to "some politically correct term".

That comment misconstrues the roles of the Justice Department, which is defending Trump's order, not rewriting it, and the Supreme Court, which can only review the order as it stands.

At the top of the monologue, Colbert got into Trump kicking off "Infrastructure Week" on Monday: "It's like Shark Week, except American infrastructure might actually kill you".

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The US tourism industry faces the possibility of another "lost decade" of foreign visitors due to President Donald Trump's travel ban, a leading hotel executive said Monday.

Trump says the Justice Department should ask for an "expedited hearing" on the second ban and "seek much tougher version!"

In an interview Monday with Britain's Channel 4 News, Khan said he does not have time to respond to tweets from Trump and said Britain should call off a planned state visit by the USA president expected later this year. His Twitter missive notwithstanding, Sanders insisted Trump "isn't concerned with what you call it", only with protecting Americans. Nothing in the tweets suggests that either the original or the revised ban has a discriminatory objective.

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At a White House news conference, Trump said the move would save money and modernize the system now operated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Trump's administration would then be likely to file its own response before the court's nine justices decide. Law professor Josh Blackman called Trump "the worst client" for the Justice Department's solicitor general.

The justice department, meanwhile has found itself in an almighty legal tangle before the courts. And the President's priority in protecting the people is very clear. The Justice Department defends his policies in court.

Trump has used attacks around the world to justify his pursuit of the travel and immigration ban, one of his first acts since taking office.

The poll also finds that half of Americans (50%) favor the measure which would temporarily halt travel to the USA from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen, countries known to have ties to terrorism.