Envoy Haley says US won't let the UN 'bully' Israel anymore

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"If there's anything I have no patience for it is bullies, and the UN was being such a bully to Israel", US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told Netanyahu during her visit to the Jewish state.

"We appreciate your strong stand on the world's most important stage, in support of the security of the people and the State of Israel", he said.

US Ambassador to the UN Haley responded, "You know, that's all I've done, is tell the truth, and it's kind of overwhelming at the reaction".

This comes one day after threatening to withdraw US participation in the Humans Rights council for its treatment of Israel.

In an earlier meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also welcomed Haley's tough stance, according to his office.

The president of Israel thanked Haley, and said with the backing of President Trump the discourse of Israel can finally change.

Yet while there has been some improvement with the UN's obsession with targeting Israel, "we have a long way to go", he added.

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She named Venezuela, Cuba, China, Burundi, and Saudi Arabia as not upholding the highest standards despite their membership and said that the forum was becoming "discredited" like its predecessor body, the Human Rights Commission.

Haley, who arrived Wednesday for a three-day visit, said she was "overwhelmed" by the positive response she has received since taking a stand against the anti-Israel bias at the worldwide body. I think they know they can't keep responding in the way they've been responding.

She added: "We're starting to see a turn in NY".

During her three-day visit to Israel, Haley is expected to fly over the country's northern and southern borders in a helicopter, visit Tel Aviv and lay a wreath at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial center.

However, Rivlin added "there is still a long way to go", both in terms of anti-Israel statements issued by United Nations agencies and the "absurd" number of sessions and resolutions reprimanding Israel. "Israel is no longer the UN's punching bag", Reuven said. "They acknowledge the fact that it just makes no sense", she said.

Later on Wednesday, she was set to visit Bethlehem for meetings with senior Palestinian leaders.

Haley is the first U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations ever to visit the Human Rights Council. "Being a member of this council is a privilege, and no country who is a human rights violator should be allowed a seat at the table", she said.