Horgan urges Clark to recall legislature, citing softwood, drug crisis

B.C. Green party leader Andrew Weaver and B.C. NDP leader John Horgan take in the final match between Team Canada and New Zealand during cup final action at the HSBC Canada Women's Sevens at Westhills Stadium in Langford B.C. on Sunday

After negotiations with both the Liberals and the NDP, the Greens chose to side with John Horgan's NDP.

Talks with the three-seat B.C. Green Party have taken centre stage in recent weeks, as the B.C. Liberals and B.C. NDP attempt to make a case for forming government.

Horgan and B.C. Green leader Andrew Weaver announced their agreement Monday, a "four-year framework" in which the Greens pledge to support an NDP government on confidence votes such as passing a budget and a bill to supply money to the government.

In an election that was too close to call on May 9, the BC Liberals emerged with 43 seats, the BC NDP with 41 and the BC Greens with three after absentee ballots were counted and a recount was completed in Courtenay-Comox.

There were notable absences from their agreement, including the NDP's campaign promise to end bridge tolls - a platform Weaver said the Greens simply don't support.

If Clark can't win the confidence of the legislature, she would be expected to resign.

BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver on Tuesday welcomed Premier Christy Clark's willingness to work across party lines.

"We believe they're unfair", said Horgan, adding that his government will work with the region's mayors to improve transit.

If there is going to be a transition of power in this province - and it certainly seems like there will be - it shouldn't be done behind closed doors.

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She acknowledged her party will likely not last long, but said she would not ask B.C.'s Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon to send British Columbians back to the polls if the government is defeated in a confidence test. She said she expects the legislature will test the confidence of the government in "short order", possibly as soon as early June.

- The legislature would be recalled within one month of the swearing in of an NDP government.

"I don't see a scenario whereby the Liberals are able to form government given this NDP and Green agreement, so we are looking at an NDP minority government", said Doberstein.

The election of 2017, proved that B.C. actually had a third party in the political scene in B.C. because of the strong Green Party vote in the election.

Under the terms of the NDP-Green agreement, the next referendum would take place when municipal elections are held in the fall of the 2018 and both parties would campaign in support of the system that is put to a vote.

"The NDP is now trying to identify a Liberal MLA willing to stand for the job, which will ensure they and the Greens have a clear majority that does not rely on a speaker's tie-breaking vote", said Prest.

After 16 years of the BC Liberals doing anything they want, since with a majority that's what you get to do, all of a sudden we, and they, are in a very different position.

And moving ahead with a change to a proportional system of elections without seeking a mandate from British Columbians would be courting catastrophe.