London mayor tells AP he doesn't care about Trump tweets

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"I just haven't got time to respond to tweets from Donald Trump".

"You should be alarmed", Eric Trump told ABC News.

LONDON (AP) - The mayor of London says he doesn't care about the repeated insults he has received from the president of the United States, asserting Tuesday that he "really couldn't be bothered about what Donald Trump tweets".

But British Prime Minister Theresa May said Khan was doing a "good job", echoing public sentiment across London.

President Trump said that the proposed measures, which seek to halt entry to the USA for 90 days for people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen and bar asylum seekers for four months, as essential to prevent attacks in the U.S.

But the most recent source of friction between the pair has come in the wake of the recent London Bridge attacks and after Mr Trump wrongly claimed the mayor had said there was "no reason to be alarmed" about the risk of terror attacks in London. Chief Judge Roger Gregory argued that the revisions did not hide the real motive for issuing the executive order: "President Trump's desire to exclude Muslims from the United States". Since taking office on January 20, Trump has ordered temporary travel restrictions on people from several Muslim-majority countries, although the ban is now held up by federal courts.

"As a proud and patriotic British Muslim I say this: You do not commit these disgusting acts in my name".

Khan is among those who have asked the government to reconsider the invitation, describing the state visit as "inappropriate" given the president's months-long push for a travel ban for passengers from several Muslim majority nations.

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Not mentioned by Trump was that Khan also warned that the threat level in London remains severe.

Khan, who belongs to the opposition Labour Party, is popular in London and his response to Saturday's killings has been widely praised as dignified. He challenged Khan to an intelligence test during the U.S election campaign, and in 2015 he said certain areas of London were no-go zones.

Trump used the event to highlight the benefits of his controversial travel ban policy.

This time, Trump took a dig at London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan. I want to send a clear message to the sick and evil extremists who committed these ugly crimes.

Trump's oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., defended his father.

"And guess what, he's been proven right about it, every time".

"Severe means an attack across the country is still highly likely, and so we have all got to be vigilant", Khan said. "We're gonna hold fast and we're gonna 'keep calm and carry on.' Maybe we have to keep calm and actually do something".

British author J.K. Rowling said on Tuesday that if a state visit did go ahead, Trump's tweets related to the attack should be enlarged and shown wherever he goes.