Miley Cyrus Finally Feels Like People Respect Her

Free spirit Miley Cyrus said that she sees herself as'genderless and'ageless during an interview which aired on ITV's Lorraine on Friday

"I think that makes me have more freedom in my music because I feel like I can really just be myself, and my fans are so accepting of me", she revealed. "She would never do that, I don't think", Tish said.

"I feel like I'm just a spirit soul, not even divided by human being". She joked on Lorraine that if you don't love Dolly Parton, then you must be a weird person, and Miley laughed because she said she considered herself the weirdest person she knew, so if she calls you weird, there must be truth to the notion. "Of course, I probably would [want a big wedding]", she said.

He's the ex-pat Australian actor who is rumoured to be engaged to his pop-star girlfriend Miley Cyrus. I want to be everything and I want to be also nothing.

The Hemsworths looked happy to be in each other's company with Leonie and Liam smiling as she wrapped her arm around her celebrity son's waist.

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Cyrus also shared with DeGeneres her thoughts on young people in relationships. The universe has always given me the power to know I'll be OK.

The pair met on the set of the film The Last Song in 2009 and began dating off and on. We've already heard the singles Malibu and Inspired, which take Cyrus back to her country roots and show off the star's softer side. "I've known him forever", she told E!

"I feel like I have respect, and I feel like my charity, Happy Hippie, has given me that", she continued.

Regardless - we're sure shippers will still freak out whenever they see Miley wearing white. They share their home with seven dogs, two pigs and two miniature horses.