Putin warns no one would survive nuclear war between Russia, US

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Stone's comments were quickly rebuked by a statement from NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, who told StarTribune that "no one here is interested in Oliver Stone's unsolicited thoughts on Megyn Kelly's appearance or his ill-informed opinion of her journalism".

Kelly's interview, which aired on the debut of her newsmagazine, "Sunday Night with Megan Kelly", on Sunday, "became machine-gun like", Stone said, and was an example of how American journalism frequently leaves little room for nuance.

Recently, a sneak peek of Oliver Stone's The Putin Interviews from Showtime hit the Internet.

"Nobody would survive such a conflict", replied the Russian president.

Stone met with the Kremlin leader for his documentary called, "The Putin Interviews", Bloomberg reported.

He added of Putin: "I challenged him and I teased him and I angered him, I hit every note I could".

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"If you're taking a shower in a submarine with a man and you know he's gay, do they have a problem with that?" He explained that he never has an off day as President because he's a man.

In April, Biden said, "I am disgusted and appalled by reports from both the Russian media and non-governmental organizations that authorities in.Chechnya have rounded up, tortured and even murdered individuals who are believed to be gay".

On the prospect of a war between nuclear superpowers: "As of today a missile shield would not protect the territory of the United States".

In the interview, a short portion of which was made available to RT as a teaser for the documentary, Putin further described the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance as an instrument of American foreign policy and said those states that join the organization as members inevitably become U.S. "vassals". He's a leader. He thinks things through and he's made his point.

While Dr Strangelove apparently left him unmoved, Putin became more animated discussing what he sees as modern-day challenges to the nuclear theory of mutually assured destruction, particularly the United States programme to develop a missile-defence shield.