RESULTS: Virginia June 13 Gubernatorial Primary

RESULTS: Virginia June 13 Gubernatorial Primary

The race was largely seen as a proxy war between the Sanders and establishment wings of the Democratic Party. At the same time, he has been airing campaign ads in which former President Barack Obama sings his praises.

The Democratic party is in the midst of a transformation that will not end on Tuesday or for a long time after.

Northam, a low-key pediatric neurologist, won running as a pragmatist with state's Democratic establishment's firm support. Northam, from the Hampton Roads area, is a doctor with a military background.

Voters are also choosing candidates for lieutenant governor and several state House seats.

But Northam has tried to set himself apart from Perriello on several fronts.

Besides Sanders, Perriello has the support of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Vermont Sen.

Primaries for state level elections in Virginia are known for their notoriously low turnout, despite the fact that the vote is open to all registered voters.

PERRIELLO: But the next question they're asking is, all right, they know how to march, but do they know how to vote? Turning to the Republicans.

Gillespie is married now with three children and has worked as a lobbyist and political consultant.

Republicans can go to the polls dreaming of the kind of state governance that they most desire.

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One of the most common critiques Gillespie has received has been his unwillingness to run on a Trump-friendly platform. A long-time player in state politics, he is backed by the state party's elite, including sitting governor Terry McAuliffe and senator Tim Kaine. Perriello, who represented a rural South Side district in Congress before moving to Arlington, doesn't fit the same bill as Gillespie, but his DC credentials include a stint as president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the archetype of Beltway progressivism. He co-chaired Virginia's Trump for President campaign and now chairs the board of supervisors in Prince William County, where he implemented "the nation's toughest crackdown on illegal immigration" and helped remove local fees for getting a concealed weapons permit. He's railed against Charlottesville's efforts to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee from a city park and has lashed out at Gillespie for not showing sufficient support for Confederate history.

Kevin Felty, a Norfolk Republican, said he voted for Gillespie because of his fundraising prowess in what's likely to be a bloody general campaign. Jill Vogel of Fauquier County against 17th District State Sen.

Scott Lee and I discuss the June 13 primary, and the Washington Post's endorsement of Ralph Northam and Frank Wagner (the subject of my column this week).

It would be considered a surprising and huge upset if Gillespie did not win.

"It's the first big election since Trump got elected", Perriello said.

The president certainly won't be a plus for whomever the GOP nominates this fall. Of the seven polls released in the past week, five have put Perriello ahead by as many as 8 points and as few as 2; two other polls in May, however, gave Northam double-digit margins heading into Election Day.

His framed portrait was unveiled on the fifth floor of the Wilson Building. You would think he was in his mid-60s. "If I can send a message at the local level, that's a start".

Tucker continued by pointing out that "many of my friends are here as well as some of my enemies".

Mittiga was the first primary challenger Toscano has faced since he was elected in 2005. That election was in 1974. But the life-force of his candidacy has been the hard votes he cast for key Obama agenda items, such as the Affordable Care Act and a doomed cap-and-trade bill that would have restricted greenhouse gas emissions.

Sterling Tucker, one class act. "You are not going to budge him one centimeter".