South Sudan has world's fastest growing number of displaced


Along with the 6.3 million Syrians displaced inside the country, these numbers show that a almost two thirds of all Syrians have been forced from their homes, the report said.

The global number of people who have fled their homes reached a new record of 65.6 million a year ago as a major new refugee crisis emerged in South Sudan, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said on Monday.

Only 0.24% of the United Kingdom population are refugees, asylum seekers or stateless people - that is 168,978 people, around the population of Rochdale in greater Manchester.

The UN hopes that recorded on Monday a record number of IDPs will force rich countries to think again on that not just to take more refugees, but also work to restore the world.

Last year, 10.3 million people newly fled overseas or became internally displaced within their country, compared to 12.4 million a year earlier.

Refugee numbers worldwide have reached 22.5 million, which the report notes "is the highest ever seen".

"By any measure this is an unacceptable number", said Filipo Grandi, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees. Twelve million people in the country were forced to abandon their homes in 2016 - that's more than half of the country's population.

And almost 70 years after Palestinians first fled today's Israel, some 5.3 million Palestinians are now living as refugees - the highest level ever recorded, UNHCR said. South Sudan, with a little over a quarter, has the next-biggest proportion - and fastest growing displaced population overall, the agency said.

The 2016 report said 84,283 individuals had made donations and there had also been increasing support from business, community groups and refugee diaspora.

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The Global Trends report is based on the UNHCR's own data, data it receives from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre and data received from governments.

And while developed countries continue to debate how to best manage increased arrivals of people fleeing war and persecution, it is developing regions which continue to assume the lion's share of refugee populations.

47% of refugees are women and 51% of refugees under the age of 18. While the 2016 total is high - representing an enormous number of people needing protection worldwide - it also shows that growth in displacement slowed a year ago.

- One in 113 people worldwide is displaced.

This is "the highest figure since we started recording these figures", UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi told reporters ahead of the report launch.

"The world seems to have become unable to make peace", Grandi said.

By population, the report said Syria still accounts for the biggest number of displaced people at 12 million, followed by Colombia with 7.7 million, Afghanistan with 4.7 million, Iraq with 4.2 million and South Sudan at 3.3 million.

Tragically, 75,000 asylum claims were received from children travelling alone or separated from their parents, among them youngsters like Tareq, 16, who dodged armed combatants to walk out of Syria into neighbouring Turkey.