US military shoots down Iranian-made drone in southern Syria


The drone, downed near a combat outpost in the town of At-Tanf, was the second one shot down by usa forces in 12 days; the downing comes as Pentagon officials are working to defuse heightened tensions in southeastern Syria. He is acting to protect his assets.

The U.S. military said it had shot down an armed, Iranian-made drone that had been bearing down on its forces near a garrison in Syria's southeast on Tuesday, in the latest sign of increasingly frequent confrontation with Damascus and its allies, APA reports quoting Reuters.

Russian Federation supports the Assad regime and issued its threat to coalition aircraft over western Syria in response. She touts traditional supply side economics, going so far as to say during one debate that she does "not support a living wage" - her way of explaining her opposition to a minimum-wage increase.

"The Coalition has made it clear to all parties [publicly] and through the de-confliction line with Russian forces that the demonstrated hostile intent and actions of pro-regime forces toward Coalition and partner forces in Syria conducting legitimate counter-ISIS operations will not be tolerated", the statement read.

"We have never had a coherent Syrian strategy", said one USA official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

While the network of airfields Erdogan refers to is unlikely to become a sufficient substitute for America's use of Turkey's Incirlik airbase, a major site which can host many strike aircraft, they do show how deeply invested the Americans are in helping their allies on the ground defeat IS. "The foreign minister, on the other hand, said 'everybody needs to take a step back and work to de-escalate the situation'".

Moscow threatened that all USA forces that near Syrian installations, troops, and vehicles will be treated as targets and will be attacked.

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Coalition shoots down Iran-made drone in Syria
Russian Federation has previously threatened to take military action in response to USA attacks on its allies elsewhere in Syria . "We do not want to continue this everyday [as it] distracts from our goal to defeat" the Islamic State , he said.

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"From now on, in areas where Russian aviation performs combat missions in the skies of Syria, any airborne objects found west of the Euphrates River, including aircraft and unmanned vehicles belonging to the global coalition, tracked by means of Russian land and air anti-aircraft defense, will be considered air targets", CNN reported citing the Defense Ministry statement. But for now, they have stopped operations over Syria, "as a precautionary measure". Russian Federation condemned the USA action and in retaliation suspended a hotline meant to prevent such incidents.

It is said by the Iranians to have a range of 2,000km (1,240 miles) and be capable of carrying bombs and missiles.

The United States doesn't have a strategic reason to control southern and eastern Syria, but it does have a vital interest in preventing Iran from establishing a dominion from Tehran to the Mediterranean with Russia's support.

A second USA official said the use of ballistic missiles may also have been intended as a signal that Iran remains committed to supporting Assad and a reminder that United States forces and bases in the region are within reach of Iranian missiles and ground forces.

In another development, the U.S. military announced officially that coalition forces had killed the top cleric of so-called Islamic State (IS), Turki al-Binali, in an air strike in Syria last month.

Russia's defense ministry warned it will start tracking coalition aircraft west of the Euphrates River, calling the shootdown a "cynical violation" of Syria's sovereignty. It has reinforced this unofficial red line with air strikes on Syrian and Iranian-backed forces in the area.