Discover the latest music with New Release Radio on Google Play Music

Google Home can now play music you uploaded to Play Music

Back in June after the Samsung Galaxy S8 arrived on the scene, Google announced that Play Music would launch an exclusive feature for S8 called New Release Radio. Users can finally play tracks from their old collections.

This new feature has several oddities, including the order at which music is played. The station is available to free radio listeners and subscribers globally and will be constantly updated with the latest new releases.

As great as it is to have this new functionality make its way to Google Home, you don't have quite as much control over uploaded and purchased songs as you do with streaming content. This is something that's been noticeably absent from Google Home since its release last October, but a Google support representative has finally confirmed that this feature is now making its way to all Home devices.

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Google also points out that there are certain limitations, such as how using your voice to play music and selecting the genre/mood/activity will not be supported for songs uploaded by yourself or purchased. It will even be the priority if you ask Google Assistant to play something for you on the speakers. For example, you can say - "Hey Google, Play Hey Jude (replace it with your choice of song or artist) from my library".

But if you ask Google Play Music to play a genre or music from a particular mood or activity, it will still prioritize the online catalog of course.