Protesters call for ending Jordan peace treaty with Israel

US Ambassador to Israel condemns Halamish attack

A DARWEN councillor born in Jordan has spoken of the distress and anger at discovering her relative has been killed outside the Israeli Embassy in its capital Amman.

Violence against Israelis is rare in Jordan, a tightly policed country that is also a staunch regional ally of the United States and signed a peace treaty with Israel, the Arab neighbor with which it shares a long border.

Jordan's King Abdullah has asked Benjamin Netanyahu to put an Israeli embassy guard who on Sunday shot and killed two Jordanian citizens, on trial.

The decision was part of a broader deal that allowed Israeli diplomats and embassy personnel in Jordan to return home late Monday following a deadly shooting at the diplomatic compound in Amman, resolving a standoff between the two American allies.

President Abbas has suspended all contacts between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government on Friday in protest of the metal detectors.

It said the measure would "ensure the security of visitors and worshippers" at the holy site and in Jerusalem's Old City and the police presence would increase in the area until the new security measures were in place.

"The crisis has reminded the world that there would be no security or stability in the Middle East without finding a fair solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict", the minister told his peers.

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1 killed, 2 wounded at Israeli embassy in Jordan
Benjamin Netanyahu , the Israeli prime minister, is under similar pressure from the Right-wing of his own coalition government. The guard opened fire after he was stabbed with a screwdriver outside the Israeli embassy in Amman on Sunday night.

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A lot of work remains ahead of us. "We will meet in this same room in a year and in two years and we will see what happened". Let trade do its job. "You construct and harvest the products that fill our homes, defend our nation and enrich our lives".

Israeli authorities are working with the Jordanian government over various channels in regards to the incident and are continuing to hold discussions on this matter during the course of the day.

The American ambassador to Israel says the speedy resolution of a diplomatic crisis with Jordan proves how closely Israel works with the Trump administration.

Under worldwide laws and covering diplomatic immunity, Israel is required to question Ziv.

The Israeli Embassy has refused to release the guard to the Jordanians for questioning, saying he has immunity.

A police statement said "a large scale investigation" has been launched and the Prosecutor General has been "ordered... to look at all the details". Jawawdeh attacked and wounded the guard, who shot the teenager and also the Jordanian landlord, Bashar Hamarneh, an orthopaedist, who was standing next to him.

The ministry said the incident began when two Jordanian workmen arrived at the residential building to replace furniture.