Sora Meets Buzz And Woody In The Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

Kingdom Hearts III Release Date Confirmed for 2018

At this weekend's D23 Expo, Kingdom Hearts fans raised their collective Keyblades to celebrate long-awaited new details on the series' third official installment. With that done, we get to the meat of the Kingdom Hearts 3 news: there's a Toy Story world this time. Soon after the protagonist joined up with Donald and Goofy to enter the world of Toy Story.

Toy Story isn't the only new world that that will be explored in Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts games have made a habit out of featuring multiple playable characters, and Kingdom Hearts 3 looks to be following in step with its predecessors, according to the game's director.

"Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be our first full HD game in our current console generation", he continued. Along the way, the Final Fantasy elements have been phased out, leaving more opportunities for Kingdom Hearts' original cast of characters to venture through an increasing number of Disney worlds. While the team from IGN and Game Informer sat with Nomura during the D23 event, the director mentioned that there is indeed a second playable character in the game.

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Either way, Kingdom Hearts III looks like it's shaping up nicely.

More importantly, the game finally received a release window of 2018. Of course, don't get too excited as Square Enix doesn't seem to know if it's possible. Fans will also be able to take to the world of Tangled in the game.

Square Enix, Inc. develops, publishes, distributes and licenses SQUARE ENIX®, EIDOS® and TAITO® branded entertainment content throughout the Americas as part of the Square Enix group of companies.

Nomura couldn't share further information about how transformations are activated, adding that, "We're still trying to finalize the specifications, but that being said, it is subject to change, so it might evolve into something even more impressive". With this, Redditor Merciful_Neptune explained that fans may not receive the official "Kingdom Hearts 3" release date.