Doklam standoff: Western media is 'biased' towards India, says Chinese newspaper

Indian army soldiers march near an army base on India's Tezpur Tawang highway which runs to the Chinese border in the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh

Global Times on Tuesday in an opinion piece said, "What's more India "arouses sympathy" because it is 'in a weaker position compared with China". The standoff has been on between India and China since a long time.

Amid the stand-off in Doklam, Chinese soldiers transgressed into the disputed territory along the global border with India.

Talking about the Uttarakhand transgressions, official sources said that incidents of similar nature have happened in the past but are normally sorted out locally and should not be given undue importance.

It added that India has "several advantages" in the sphere of worldwide opinion, chief among them being the fact that it's a Western-style democracy.

During the July 25 incursion, PLA troops are said to have bullied shepherds grazing cattle during a two-hour stay, officials in the know said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. The Chinese troops left after the Indian side protested.

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The transgressions on the LAC take place due to difference in perception about the boundary and the two countries in 2013 inked a Border Defence Co-operation Agreement (BDCA) as a confidence-building measure. Barahoti is an 80 sq km sloping pasture about 140 km from the Uttarakhand capital Dehradun. In this area the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) jawans are not allowed to use weapons as it is a demilitarized section.

The crisis erupted after Indian and Bhutanese troops foiled an attempt by the Chinese Army to encroach on a disputed enclave.

The western media reports depicts India as "mild which called for a troop withdrawal and bilateral negotiations" and portrays China as "aggressive", the article says. On the same day, Beijing's ground troops camped in the border area, according to a local media report.

The Barahoti incident comes as troops of both sides are locked in a stand-off in Doklam in the Sikkim sector since mid-June, with no sign of let up. India sends a civilian group backed by ITBP in civilian clothes to measure the area.

ITBP men go patrolling in civil dress and the Barahoti pasture sees Indian shepherds from border villages tending their sheep and people from Tibet bringing their yaks for grazing.