Google debuts AR software ARCore for Android devices

Google ARCore

ARcore also allows you to anchor digital assets within a real environment so they hold their position over time. ARCore is less powerful than Tango, but that's okay. While this claim is frequently accurate in most cases, Apple does have a knack for bringing burgeoning technology to the masses, often by tweaking it to be more accessible and user-friendly. Google is aiming to have ARCore up and running on more than 100 million devices at the end of the preview. AR is a far more interesting platform than VR, if for no other reason than you don't need any additional hardware to use it. But major companies are now embracing it, so everyone's talking about it.

A novel addition by Google is that it focuses more on the realism of it all by making virtual objects consistent with the lighting of the room. Games and application would look fascinating with AR in them. These custom browsers will allow developers to build AR-enhanced websites, which can be run on both Android/ARCore or Apple's iOS/ARKit. The camera on the back of your phone will make it possible to detect flat surfaces and let users place AR objects into the world as they see fit. Google's AR Project Tango has just a handful of devices that support it. Google isn't ditching any of its fancy depth sensors or cameras it developed for the Tango platform.

But Tango isn't dead.

For now, only the Google Pixel smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be able to make use of the technology once it launches.

While Microsoft's HoloLens still offers the best augmented reality experience it is being rapidly overtaken by hardware-agnostic phone-based mixed reality like Snapchat and of course Apple's ARKit.

Are there examples of ARCore?

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The new software development kit for ARCore enables developers to work in Java/OpenGL, Android Studio, Unity and Unreal. After all, before these platforms emerged, apps like Pokemon Go were available.

Google warned that, as an early preview, ARCore may be subject to breaking changes in future iterations.

Bavor told The Verge that the level of "quality, the capability, the things it can do" will be "several levels above the other solutions out there". Now, Google has another AR option that's cheaper to adopt: Google ARcore.

Not every iOS device will get the full benefit of ARKit.

Which devices work with ARCore? Google's promises of wide device compatibility for ARCore suggests that it may come to a wider range of handsets, although given its reliance on camera technology, it's more likely to work well with premium or at least mid-range Android devices. ARCore is available right now!