Vijender Singh v/s Zulipikaer Maimaitiali

Vijender Singh on his opponent Zulpikar Maimaitiali : I don't think he'll be a challenge

Mumbai, August 2India's star professional boxer and Olympic bronze medallist Vijender Singh, who is set to take on China's undefeated, left-handed fighter Zulpikar Maimaitiali for a double-title fight on Saturday, today dubbed him as inexperienced.

"Winning this fight will definitely make me hero when I return and the only advantage that Vijender has is being at home", he adds.

Vijender, who remained unbeaten since his debut in professional boxing, has fought eight bouts last one being against former world number one boxer Francis Cheka from Tanzania, where he defended his title. "If he is going to be aggressive, I will react accordingly", the Indian boxer said.

The victor of Saturday's fight will take over the title of his opponent while retaining his current title, thus becoming the numero uno boxer across two weight categories.

"[Maimaitiali] has had just eight fights so far". I don't consider him as an experienced boxer, he is young, but he is a strong kid and we are ready for it. He referred his next opponent and china's Zulpikar as Chinese product and quoted "Chinese products won't long last longer".

Vijender clinched his first title in July 2016 against Kerry Hope of Australia, becoming the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Champion.

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"I will show Vijender what Chinese are capable of", said the Xinjiang-native.

But, Vijender struggled towards the last two rounds with Zulpikar's stamina proving a crucial aspect.

To a question, Vijender said it won't be his toughest fight yet.

Promoters, always quick to seize on an emotive selling point, are calling the fight card "Battleground Asia" and say the result will crown the "king of Asia".

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