Ways The PS4 Has Systematically Destroyed The Xbox One

Microsoft stops selling the original Xbox One

Microsoft has been hyping the hell out of the upcoming 4K-capable Xbox One X console, but the company has just ninja'd its Xbox One - killing it, and continuing to push Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One X. Kotaku UK reports that while the original Xbox One has vanished from the United States store, Microsoft's UK store simply lists the old console as "sold out".

Greenberg is also confident about the first party lineup coming to the Xbox One over the next year, mentioning that he is excited about what is to come.

It was during this month that store shelves were finally running out of the launch edition of the original Xbox One. In fact, the company hasn't made an original Xbox One in over a year, confirming that production ended when the Xbox One S was first introduced.

Speaking with Glixel a Microsoft Spokesperson said, "As is typical for the console industry, we stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One when we introduced Xbox One S." .

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But let's pour one out for the original Xbox One. However it's not until now that the last Xbox One's that have been shipped to retailers have begun to sell out. The PlayStation 4 quickly zoomed ahead of Xbox One.

The original Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013 at a pretty steep price point of £429.

The Xbox One X has become the fastest selling Xbox pre-order in Microsoft's history, according to the platform holder.

The Xbox One was succeeded by the Xbox One S, a smaller, sleeker, cheaper and all around much better machine.