Ryanair offers pay rise to some pilots on top of bonus

Under fire Michael O’Leary

"Will there be squabbles with pilots?"

The Irish Air Line Pilots' Association says the real problem is that Ryanair failed to plan for the implementation of new European safety regulations that take effect January 1 and require all airlines to use a regular calendar year for calculating pilot flight hours and working days.

"This has caused huge inconvenience for Italian residents, and we insist on the absolute respect of passengers' rights", Delrio said on Monday.

Ryanair has also rejected suggestions that staff are tempted to begin industrial action, saying with captains looking to switch bases and first officers looking for promotions, there's no risk of blue flu.

Ryanair's schedule of flights will return to normal when November hits.

"It was the right operational decision, but we handled it badly. we upset and anxious 80 million passengers", O'Leary added. However Michael O'Leary has told the Ryanair AGM that pilots "do not want unionisation".

A Ryanair aircraft lands at Ciampino Airport in Rome, Italy December 24, 2016.

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Outspoken CEO O'Leary also expressed regret over the flight cancellations crisis that has plagued the carrier since late last week. The reason for the planned cancellations was put down to the company not having enough pilots, as many had booked holidays for the autumn and early winter.

He said pilots who had a four-week block of holiday coming up before the end of the year because of rota changes would be told to take three weeks instead. Some of the leave may be postponed until next year, he said.

"Since there is no requirement in aviation regulation to provide annual leave per se, it is unclear what is compelling Ryanair to provide any leave to their pilots at this time", the association said.

The Ryanair flight cancellation and pilot shortage fiasco continued Thursday. "If Norwegian Air are holding open days, there's nothing we can do, despite the fact that we have very good terms and conditions". "We will not be responding to anonymous circular emails".

Some pilots have rejected Ryanair's offer, which means even more flights may need to be cancelled.

"There will be more oversight of these contracts by local courts", O'Leary said of the ruling, "But there will be no changes to those contracts". The mix-up is expected to cost the company around €20 million (£18 million) in compensation to customers.

Consumer group Which? told the Daily Telegraph that it believes Ryanair's efforts are insufficient and have left customers "hunting around for information", meaning they could fall foul of the rules.