Ben Affleck's Honest Response To Batman V Superman Criticism

Justice League Empire Cover

Although Zack Snyder is credited as the director for Justice League, there's no denying that Joss Whedon is having an impact on the film - especially if these new character posters are anything to go by.

The movie was panned by the critics across the board, yet it managed to mint money at the box office.

League Universe; the aim being to create a fashionable, lasting and versatile design, that will be appeal to everyone including avid DC fans.

It'd be great if even just a few of these potential issues actually aren't issues at all, but it's smart to brace yourself for every single one of them rearing their heads. In an interview with Empire to discuss the impending release of Justice League, Affleck revealed that he thinks criticisms of Batman v Superman are "fair". However, Affleck clarified that such an approach to Justice League was actually planned ahead of Batman v Superman's release, so the shift in atmosphere and the overall vibe is not in response to the film's criticisms. Affleck shared that the film was already set up before the movie came out.

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Are you looking forward to a lighter, more fun movie with Justice League?

I'm still not quite sold on the Flash's Justice League suit, but it could be that it is meant to serve as a prototype, simply because the costume comes across super Power Ranger-ish.

It is unclear at the moment if the armored Batsuit will ever be put to use in "Justice League" although the abovementioned publication believes that the Caped Crusader is likely going to stick with practical suits in taking on Steppenwolf's army. "It doesn't have the weight Batman v Superman had", she said.

That said, Zack Snyder hasn't really ever directed a decent movie, and has managed to bungle this entire franchise from the start due to a weirdly preternatural aversion to coherent storytelling or sophisticated characterizations.